LiveSpace interactive interiors

With our InteriorWalk product, students can walk around their room, together with the communal spaces and social spaces in your building.

The interior will be fully furnished throughout to your specification, giving students a real sense of the layout of the interior and greatly assisting them in making a fully-informed booking decision.

LiveSpace InteriorWalk on an iPad

Interactive 3D InteriorWalk

Using LiveSpace InteriorWalk, students have the freedom to see what they want, when they want, for as long as they want, wherever they are.

LiveSpace InteriorWalk

The ultimate interactive visualisation

Unlike ‘virtual tours’ which root students to a handful of spots, LiveSpace InteriorWalk lets them roam free, just as they would if they were viewing the actual building.

LiveSpace InteriorWalk on an iMac

Mulitple delivery platforms

Web app

We optimise LiveSpace for web delivery so that you can easily show it on your own or third party party portal websites.

We host your web apps on our load-balanced mirrored servers to maximise availability and to avoid any additional bandwidth requirement on your servers.

Mobile app

We deliver LiveSpace as a mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

With an intuitive touch interface, students will be able to view and interact with your development wherever they have their mobile device, save screenshots to their camera roll and share them instantly on social media.

Stand-alone app

The LiveSpace stand-alone app uses the full power of any suitable Mac or Windows computer to show your development in its finest graphical quality – ideal for marketing suites or as a give-away on memory devices.

You can use standard gaming controllers to make it even easier to use.

Video fly-throughs

InteriorWalk features

LiveSpace InteriorWalk at Llys Y Deon, BangorView the interior of rooms, corridors and communal spaces

Walk around an immersive 3D space and see it from any angle

Control both movement and view independently

The Old Fire Station InteriorWalk camera shotCall up the camera at any point and take a screen shot, branded with details of the scheme

Save screen shots as images on your device, or download them via your browser

Share screen shots on social networks quickly and easily

LiveSpace InteriorWalk point-of-view controls on an iPadTouch control for mobile devices

Keyboard and mouse control for desktop and laptop users

Standard gaming controllers can also be used

View InteriorWalk mapLaunch InteriorWalks from within ExteriorPlus and ExteriorLite

Access InteriorWalks via the 3D or 2D floor plans within ExteriorPlus or ExteriorLite

Access InteriorWalks from the ‘View InteriorWalk’ menu in ExteriorPlus and ExteriorLite

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