LiveSpace interactive exteriors

Use our exterior products to show off the outside of your building from every angle. Allow students to look inside floor-by-floor to see the building layout in 2D or fully-furnished 3D and find out live information on every room.

When used in conjunction with LiveSpace InteriorWalk, students can also drop in to individual rooms, communal spaces and social spaces.

LiveSpace ExteriorPlus on an iPad

Interactive 3D exteriors with 3D floor plans

LiveSpace ExteriorPlus is our premium exterior product which allows students to view the exterior of your building from all angles. They can remove floors one-at-a-time to reveal interactive 3D floor plans  – fully-furnished to your specification – which can be selected to discover further information including price, availability and booking details.

LiveSpace ExteriorPlus

Interactive 3D exteriors with 2D floor plans

LiveSpace ExteriorLite is a cost-effective alternative to ExteriorPlus. Students can still view the exterior of your building from all angles – just like ExteriorPlus. Further information on the individual rooms is chosen from 2D floor plans – cutting down on both development time and cost.

LiveSpace ExteriorLite
LiveSpace ExteriorLite on an iPad

Multiple delivery platforms

Web app

We optimise LiveSpace for web delivery so that you can easily show it on your own or third party party portal websites.

We host your web apps on our load-balanced mirrored servers to maximise availability and to avoid any additional bandwidth requirement on your servers.

Mobile app

We deliver LiveSpace as a mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

With an intuitive touch interface, students will be able to view and interact with your development wherever they have their mobile device, save screenshots to their camera roll and share them instantly on social media.

Stand-alone app

The LiveSpace stand-alone app uses the full power of any suitable Mac or Windows computer to show your development in its finest graphical quality – ideal for marketing suites or as a give-away on memory devices.

You can use standard gaming controllers to make it even easier to use.

ExteriorPlus and ExteriorLite features

The Old Fire Station ExteriorPlusView the exterior of the building from any angle

Rotate the building using intuitive controls

Zoom in and out for a better view

Choose to include nearby roads and buildings to show your building in context while it’s under construction

Lucas Studio's ExteriorPlusReveal each floor of the building using ‘elevator buttons’

Rotate and zoom in to see the fully-furnished floor

Select individual rooms to learn more about them

See which rooms are available to book

LiveSpace ExteriorLiteReveal a 2D floor plan of each floor of the building using ‘elevator buttons’

Pan across the map and zoom in to see details of the floor layout

Select individual rooms to learn more about them

See which rooms are available to book

View InteriorWalk mapLaunch InteriorWalks from within the 3D or 2D floor plan

Show the locations of all InteriorWalks within the building

Switch easily between exterior and InteriorWalk views

Lucas Studio's ExteriorPlus room detailsLearn more information about each room in the building

Include availability, price, tenancy duration and more

Use our own database or choose to integrate with your own

Book rooms online directly from LiveSpace apps (additional integration required) or link to your own booking website

Lucas Studio's ExteriorPlus cameraCall up the camera at any point and take a screen shot, branded with details of the scheme

Save screen shots as images on your device, or download them via your browser

Share screen shots on social networks quickly and easily

Interactive mapShow the location of the building and local landmarks

Display standard, hybrid and satellite views using Apple Maps and Google Maps

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