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Taking a 3D view of student accommodation

Posted on February 13, 2015

Students are part of the whole digital generation who depend on their electronic devices to run a large part of their lives. Whether it is to schedule, spend or socialise, a recent poll by communications regulator Ofcom indicated that those aged 16-24 are likely to do more than one task at a time using technology devices, and squeeze 14 hours and 7 minutes of media activity into each day, in just over 9 hours.

The role of technology has crossed over into every area of students’ lives, from helping with studies, to scheduling courses or even searching for university accommodation. In fact, student accommodation is one area that will benefit significantly from the latest technological advancements with a new emerging trend in 3D visualisation technology, that will make selling and selecting property a far simpler, more interactive process for both students and student accommodation management agents.